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My Boyfriends mom thinks I am pregnant.. May be suitable for women only!!!!

This is from my journal entry from today. I figured I needed a girls opinion so I would copy it to this very community. So here it is...
How about that? My boyfriend tells me when I get in the car after work "Don't get mad, but my mom said she just has this feeling that you may be pregnant". I said "How do you figure?" Then He said that his mom had this feeling that his cousin Xochi was pregnant and she just denied it but found out later that she was. I told him how the hell does she figure I am. All he can say is she just has this feeling. O.K I know I have been pigging out a lot lately but it is only because I am trying to gain weight. I am 5'4, I am supposed to be between 115 to 125. I weight now 108. I keep saying I need to do sit ups, but I know I am not pregnant.
I am having a bit of problems with my period. O.k. In September, I was supposed to start on the 19. I started a week early on the 13 but very very light, then on the 19 it got heavy when it was supposed to start on the 19. I always last seven days. When the 8th day came it went back to light. There were times when it stopped, but when I used the bathroom (and sorry to be straight forward), when I would wipe my self there will be light to sometimes darker blood. After a while, it went to light menstruating again. So I am still going and heavy again by the way. It is day 27/28. What am I to do? And how do I ask...Do you figure I am pregnant? What do you think is wrong with me? Someone help!!!!!
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