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all about autmn

hey girls. my name is autmn woods, im 24 years old, part american indian. i was born in loudoun county, VA & lived there for the first few years of my life. we moved to NJ when i was 5 & have been in the mercer county aeria up untill approx 2 years ago. i now live in a brownstone in NYC with my fiancee of 2 years. we dont have any childern yet, but maybe one day.
iam 5'3, i dunno 145 lbs? and proud to say, iam NOT a stick. iam shaped like a woman goddamnit!
ok, enough about me. lets figure out how to get this sight hoppin'- any suggestions?
p.s. beth, i love your other sight agnb dot com. i check you out almost everyday, the sight is really neatly laid out & your l.j. always brightens my day (when you update it)... (if any of you girls havent checked it out yet, do it.)
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